Monday, 27 June 2016

'Dream catcher'

New project 'Dream catcher' is inspired by the Indian amulet from North America, which chases away bad dreams with such the difference that I walked over to this issue a little differently. I believe that dreams bring us different messages may not always but many times I had so that was associated with something that happened on a particular day, or in the coming days. I do not notice in bad or anxious dreams, something that would stop me in the spiritual sense, but the more I treat them as warning against something. My interpretation shows the guardian spirit that brings us such information in the form of dreams. I contained in him  two types of animals in fiery luminescence because once intrigued me one of my dreams that I was a bird and the wolf at the same time at once. This concept of dream pleased to me and she found a place in this project, though I planned to realize it in a totally different form. This drawing I wanted to accomplish in more Indian style but come to the conclusion that since this is my interpretation I will do it my way in a more neutral way not to the end of obligatroy with culture of Indian.
Working on it brought me many surprises but that I will describe in the next post.

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