Monday, 27 June 2016

'Dream catcher'

New project 'Dream catcher' is inspired by the Indian amulet from North America, which chases away bad dreams with such the difference that I walked over to this issue a little differently. I believe that dreams bring us different messages may not always but many times I had so that was associated with something that happened on a particular day, or in the coming days. I do not notice in bad or anxious dreams, something that would stop me in the spiritual sense, but the more I treat them as warning against something. My interpretation shows the guardian spirit that brings us such information in the form of dreams. I contained in him  two types of animals in fiery luminescence because once intrigued me one of my dreams that I was a bird and the wolf at the same time at once. This concept of dream pleased to me and she found a place in this project, though I planned to realize it in a totally different form. This drawing I wanted to accomplish in more Indian style but come to the conclusion that since this is my interpretation I will do it my way in a more neutral way not to the end of obligatroy with culture of Indian.
Working on it brought me many surprises but that I will describe in the next post.

Friday, 10 June 2016

'How do I create my own digital painting - sample movie'

 Today I will present something more than the same digital image, but how he is created from scratch. I put quite much attention to him to edit it in the animation and it will be a project that you already know. It's 'D.F.O. - AYDEN' which I realized it for post-rock band AYDEN. I posted in the film amendments of this image, which were made at the behest of the music band.

I approach to each order individually and at the beginning of the project create new tools like brushes, textures and filters, or I used those which I haven't used yet. Not all of the tools which will do during the project I used. Some of them I hide to the proverbial drawer. The process of creating new tools is quite laborious but in final effect they facilitate creative work. I'm not one of those artists who from start to finish scheduled image by sketches, I'd rather surrender to the will of the imagination in which help alredy done those brushes and textures. Plans only character or the first plan which will be the theme of this work and further stages of drawing arises up spontaneously. It's not always such that all created drawing ellements appear in the final version of the project. I acomplish a choice, which leaves and which removes from the drawing and writes them to the other files. What I don't use don't always goes to the losses.I always try to come back to them, because they have the potential which can be used in projects that are either in progress or just arranged in my mind. From my experience I know that even those elements of the drawing which I removed from the project, can after time acquire new meaning and open another door for me to not banal design.

Animation below shows my way to create digital drwings and I will soon show another. Films that I exhibited will aim to show you how you can create creative images without dwell on a subject about the same digital drawing techniques, because I think that these tutorials on the web is already enough.
Most important thing is to take yours creative path, follow it and improve experience gained.