Tuesday, 30 August 2016

'Self-portrit' - sampel movie

A short video demonstration of how to run stages of drawing 'Self-portrait'.

Just this week, you can still order your 'futuristic portrait' at a price of 130 euros. From 5 September the price of portrait will be 200 euros.

I accepts orders by email

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

'Self-portrait' - you can order your own futuristic portrait

For those who are interested 'fututristic portrait'!!!!!!

Only until the end of September 4, everyone who ordered 'futuristic prtrait' contact with me by email


will pay for the accomplish of the portrait 130 euro.

 After 4 September price for the accadomplish  of 'futuristic portrait' will be 200 euro.

Portraits are drawn digitally in size 3250x4300 pixel, high-resolution and sent by e-mail.
More information about the date of implementation shall communicate by email.

Monday, 1 August 2016

'Specific stages of the project DREAM CATCHER - sample movie'

 Last I present to you a new drawing 'Dream catcher' on the example I want to bring to you today is what accompanies me during the performance of my images.

 This project is the result of extensive work on tools such as brushes and textures but also helped me to complete it in such form what is now the time, or rather the lack of it because I had to stop twice. I know this sounds rather naive because how the lack of time can help in achieving project. About that I wanted to write today as the project chanchges or rather to approach the theme of this work along with the rest of it. This porject was interrupted to me by orders, of which I life off, and altogheter i did not thing that it end up in such a manner that it presented. I planned little different to present this painting and by force that could then do but experience taught me that the best projects pass off to me when during their  realization intuition is included and then what plan mounts descends to lateral plan. Intuition affects me in such a way as if the same figure told me what then will happen and what I must to do now. These are really creative, impulsive and the best moments that I experience while drawing. They can be equate  to the wave on that is floated by surfer, element which picks up and carries me into the unknown. Of course I can fall but also I can stay on the wave and experience something amazing. Often during such an impulsive drawing I'm out of the present world around me and focused on drawing I realize creations which literally absorb me enough  that I define a state of meditation that allows me to come into the picture. Lack of time in realization of this project allowed to me not get in a routine and a mind gained thanks to it a fresh approach, open to new ideas.

  I realized short animation that though a bit approach to you how such emotional creative state looks for me.